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Welcome to Lapland! Fjell Fellow is here to make your stay worth remembering. We provide cabin accommodation and help you see the authentic Lapland.


We are local company and want to welcome you to our group of happy and energetic fellows.


We cherish and respect traditions. We aim to bring authentic Lapland close to our guests.


We care about Lappish nature. We want to help you see and experience it like we do, with all its purity and diversity.

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Fjell Fellow was born out of a desire to create authentic Lapland experiences. We bring together service providers and travelers who welcome people from all around the world.

We provide cabin accommodation in Levi area and arrange activities in cooperation with local companies. With us you can see, feel and experience the real Lapland. We are here to create life long memories.

Welcome to Lapland

Cabin accommodation in Lapland, Finland

Planning a trip to Finnish Lapland? We provide cabin accommadation in Levi. Take a closer look to our cozy cabins or ask more via e-mail [email protected].

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Looking for things to do in Lapland? Our group of happy Fellows is ready to help you experience the real, authentic, beautiful Lapland. Take a closer look to our additional services or ask more via e-mail [email protected].

How our story began?

Fjell Fellow was set up from the love for Northern nature and cabin life and to cherish good memories.
We are here to advance the genuine nature travel and maintain an adventurous mind through life.


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Facts about levi

Levi is a fjell and a ski resort in Finnish Lapland. The location is ideal for both, nature loving travelers who want to spend their holiday in somewhere peace and quiet and for those who want some action added to their stay.

Levi is located in Sirkka, a village within The municipality of Kittilä. Levi is one of the 10 fells in Kittilä.

The firs snow usually covers Kittilä and its fells at the end of September or in the beginning of October. The snow coverage reaches maximum depth around March and April, just before it melts away giving room for summer and its greenery.

In the winter the lakes get a thick ice cover, which makes it popular to go ice fishing and enjoy other outdoor activities.

During summer time you can enjoy the landscape and experience the beauty of the fells on a nature trail by foot or by bike. Fall in love with the Finnish water scenery casually paddling away on a sup board.

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In Sirkka you can find over 60 restaurants, enjoy the average 75 cm of snow during the wintertime and 45 days of the midnight sun in the summer.

Here you have a good chance of seeing the Northern Lights or revontulet as we finns call them. Northern Lights light up the sky in average of 111 days during the winter.

Levi, sirkka, Kittilä


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