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Fjell Fellow is all in for making your stay unique and unforgettable. Take a closer look to our additional services.

Experience Lapland

Activities for guests staying with Us

We cherish and respect traditions and care about Lappish nature. 
Together with local service providers we are ready to make your stay worth remembering! 
You can pre-order additional services when booking accommodation. Programs vary in length.

We aim to bring authentic Lapland as close as possible to our guests. 
Our group of happy Fellows is here to help you see and experience Lapland like we do, with all its purity and diversity.

Guided park visit

During your visit the whole family has opportunity to get to know Levi Husky Park’s everyday life, the animals that live there and traditions of the sled dogs.

Meet Siberian huskies, friendly guide dogs, movie animals such as wolf dogs, foxes and famous kissing reindeer.

Duration: 1h

Price: Adult 16 € / Child 8 €

Cooperation with Levi Husky Park

wintry forest husky ride 2km

A husky ride through the snow-filled forest and across the frozen lake.  After the ride, your guide will introduce you to the animals of the park. Hot sausages and beverages are served in a warm Laplander’s hut by open fire.

Duration: 1,5h

Price: Adult 59€ / Child 36€

Cooperation with Levi Husky Park


siberian husky ride 5km

Visit this private husky kennel, where 30 sled dogs will be wait for you. Enjoy the Lappish view and environment while letting yourself get thrilled by the speed! 

After a ride, you can spend time with all these dogs around you running free and playing. In a warm lappish kota iyou can enjoy some local delicacies.

Duration: 1,5h

Price: Adult 79€ / Child (4-12yrs.) 54€

Cooperation with Team Sleighrunners

Book Activities

Our group of happy Fellows is excited to hear from you!

We reserve the right to make changes. Please note that we cannot guarantee the availability of programs at all times due to changes in the weather, for example.

Activities vary in length.

For more on-the-go tips, information about restaurants and activity recommendations, check out the Fjell Fellow Cabin Folder.

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Have a carefree vacation

You can rent sheets and towels through us to make your stay easier, we will deliver them to the cabin. Rentals need to make at least 2 days prior to arrival.

If you have some other wishes in your mind to top it all, fellows will try their best to help you. 

Sheets & Towels

Make packing easier and rent sheets and towels from us. Price per set is 20 €.

One set includes:
1 x Bath towel
1 x Hand towel
1 x Pillowcase
1 x Bottom sheet
1 x Duvet cover

to Top it all

If you have some other wishes in mind, for example remembering your friend with a little surprise on special day or you have other ideas to make it easier for your friend group to stay, we will help you.

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